• Colorized Classics

    Way, way back in the day there was raging debate about Ted Turner and what he was doing to old movies. He was taking dumb, boring old black and white movies and modernizing and improving them with color. Of course there were those Luddites that were totally opposed to color…

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  • Family resemblances part II

    Here’s the part where I tell you of my woes. Many thousands of you will have missed my post on Monday. Because there wasn’t one. I will just chalk it up to the fact that I have a newborn along with five other kids and a lovely wife who need…

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  • Bleeding heart tetra

    Here’s an old one. Sorta. I made this woodcut about 150 years ago back when I was keeping a 55 gallon tank full of fish. One of the fish took a kamikaze out of the tank and wound up on my drawing board. Ever since I cut this block (one…

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  • Coloring Pages

    There are those who excel at making color prints. They will cut multiple color blocks, plan, scheme, arrange, experiment and print, print, print until they have a virtual painting of a print. Others will do all the planning and scheming but choose to do a reduction linocut or woodcut. This…

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  • Sunday School Drawings

    I have been asked by my bishop to make some drawings for a Sunday school curriculum that he wants to make available to the diocese. This has been an interesting job because I have both the original scripture references to work from and the author’s take on them as well. So…

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  • The Alchemy of Drawing

    Many of you out there wonder how it is that an artist takes a blank page and turns it into a fascinating drawing*. Simply put, it’s magic. Actually it’s alchemy which is a branch of magic. Mostly I just spill some pink or watercolor and wave a few pencils and…

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  • Florida Swamp Animals

    These are some preparatory watercolors I have done for some murals to go on 1st grade classrooms. These images will be printed on dimensional PVC and attached to the walls of the classrooms. My colleague and I will paint backgrounds directly on the walls of the classroom that these will…

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  • The thing I love about camping is all the nothing that needs to be done during the day. Especially while the baby is napping and someone has to stay around camp until he wakes up. I made these watercolors over a few days while up in the mountains of east…

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  • Ivan Denisovich. This watercolor went pretty quickly and I think I could spend some more time on it now that I am looking at it on the screen. I like it, but I’m not sure if I shouldn’t go back in on it and turn the volume up to 11.

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  • Camping Watercolor

    Pine Grove Furnace State Park is a jewel. It is quiet, secluded and, incidentally, the traditional half way point on the Appalachian Trail. This is a little watercolor I did while sitting outside my tent waiting for the baby to get up from his nap.

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