• So this is what happens when you don’t really listen to your art director all that closely. He says that he needs a simple line drawing of a Chinese dragon. I hear “Chinese dragon, line drawing”. It’s hard to hold back on something like this. But I thought I was…

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  • Dragon

    Just because I like monsters and dinosaurs and dragons so much. This one, like a lot of my color stuff these days is in Photoshop. There are things I like very much about working digitally and things that I like not so much. It seems like I am almost getting…

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  • Monsters

    These are drawings that I have been doing with my grammar school kids since I started teaching art. I usually do them as an ice breaker or when I have no idea what else to do! I didn’t come up with the idea; a friend of mine said he remembered…

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  • Polyphemus

    This is the scene in the Oddyssey just as good ol’ Polyphemus is sitting down to warm his bones beside the fire and he hears some unscrupulous Greeks in the back of his cave. Cyclopes aren’t typically known for their sunny disposition, but as I made this bottom piece I…

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  • Leviathan

    The leviathan is mentioned in the book of Job as some sort of a giant terrifying sea creature – probably a crocodile. I did this for Hobbes’ book of the same name. I made mine part crocodile, part prehistoric whale and part mosasaur. Photoshop.

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  • Frilled Shark

    Frilled Shark. Watercolor on paper. Again, a weird Japanese shark that normally makes its living deep down but found its way to the surface for some reason. And, like the Chimaera, it’s based on a photo.

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  • Chimaera

    Chimaera. Watercolor on paper. Maybe you’ve seen the photo this is based on. I think this beastie washed up on the beach after a tsunami.

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