• New Drawing Book Piece

    Here’s a new piece that I assembled from scraps I had laying around. The Rembrandt self-portrait copy is from a few years back when I was demonstrating linocuts. The same goes for the trilobites. The watercolored background is a little more interesting. I normally keep a scrap of paper laying…

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  • Drawings Done in Worship or Heads and Arthropods

    For all of you who are, no doubt, just coming to this blog and finding the artwork here compelling, I have been writing about the history of my drawing books. You might say that is fascinating and you would be right! The drawing books are where it all happens. They…

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  • Sins Committed Sins Remitted

    My post on Monday was kind of a cheat. I know that. But then again, this new baby is sucking an awful lot of energy out of our family. It’s funny how 7 to 10 pounds of fury and need can run a whole family! Eva is our sixth child…

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  • Family resemblances part II

    Here’s the part where I tell you of my woes. Many thousands of you will have missed my post on Monday. Because there wasn’t one. I will just chalk it up to the fact that I have a newborn along with five other kids and a lovely wife who need…

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  • Family Resemblances part I

    After finishing my last drawing book, Interplanetary Ambassador,  I knew I had made a mistake in the way I was thinking about the art of a drawing book. If you’ll remember, I said I finished that book in about 8 months. Well, this new book will take 4 years to finish.…

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  • Interplanetary Ambassador

    Oh man. Boy howdy. Remember how I said I almost sold my drawing book, Concerning Religious Affections, for a lousy 500 bucks?! Remember that I said I was sick to death of looking at a complicated, all-consuming drawing book? Well, I set out to rectify that with this new book. While…

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  • Concerning Religious Affections

    Continuing my megalomaniacal obsession with my old drawing books, I will now talk about Concerning Religious Affections. I was fresh off my book Natural History and I had something to prove… to myself anyway. Because, as I have said, college is a time of intense self-interest and I’m not sure anyone else…

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  • Nostaglia

    I am feeling what an old student of mine called “nostaglia”. This is because, of course, I JUST FINISHED MY DRAWING BOOK, Dreams and Visions! I have been working on this slowly since October of 2013. The key word here is slowly. All of my drawing books take some time…

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  • The End

    Did your heart skip a beat? Did you get a panicky feeling as your throat seized up a little? Did you think the title to this post meat I was done with writing for the interwebs? Climb down off the ceiling and relax. All I meant was I have finished…

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  • The Internal Lives of Extinct Animals

    What exactly was it like to be an ophiacodon? A dimetrodon or diplocaulus? Perhaps a lone euplocephalus? You can stop wondering because I can tell you. It was a world of paranoia and existential angst. As my scientific illustrations clearly show, these beasts had a life of strange dreams, misunderstandings…

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