• Drawings Done in Worship or Heads and Arthropods

    For all of you who are, no doubt, just coming to this blog and finding the artwork here compelling, I have been writing about the history of my drawing books. You might say that is fascinating and you would be right! The drawing books are where it all happens. They…

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  • The Crawdad that Keeps on Giving

    Yes, I know that you are saying to yourself, “What a redundant title. Of course crawdads keep on giving. Of all the decapods, the crawdad is the most selfless and magnanimous.” This is of course true. But I mean in the artistic sense. I have been recycling this crustacean for…

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  • This past June, my family and I went camping in the mountains of Tennessee with some friends of ours. In addition to watercolors, I got to do some light painting/drawing. I’m not great at it, but my friend Albert (http://jurinaphotography.com/) directed me every step of the way to some cool…

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  • Obsessions

    Again with the crustaceans and dinosauria! This is a cheliped from a crawdad and drawing of a plastic Tyrannosaurus rex that adorns a shelf in my studio. The claw is done in pencil, watercolor pencil and white ink.

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  • Lobster

    Alas, this magnificent creature was awaiting his certain doom when I saw him. I decided to make good use of my wait time before we were seated at the restaurant and drew one of the many lobsters crawling around the holding tank waiting for their turn in the pot. Compare…

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  • Moleskines galore

    In addition to a sneaky profile, here is evidence of my love of crawdads and bugs.

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  • Crawdad Claw

    Ink on paper. This is a claw, or cheliped for those of you in the know, of a crawdad (or crawfish, or even – gasp – crayfish). Crawdads happen to be some of my favorite animals on earth. I used to spend hours hunting them when I was a kid.…

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