• New Drawing Book Piece

    Here’s a new piece that I assembled from scraps I had laying around. The Rembrandt self-portrait copy is from a few years back when I was demonstrating linocuts. The same goes for the trilobites. The watercolored background is a little more interesting. I normally keep a scrap of paper laying…

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  • Family resemblances part II

    Here’s the part where I tell you of my woes. Many thousands of you will have missed my post on Monday. Because there wasn’t one. I will just chalk it up to the fact that I have a newborn along with five other kids and a lovely wife who need…

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  • Nostaglia

    I am feeling what an old student of mine called “nostaglia”. This is because, of course, I JUST FINISHED MY DRAWING BOOK, Dreams and Visions! I have been working on this slowly since October of 2013. The key word here is slowly. All of my drawing books take some time…

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  • The End

    Did your heart skip a beat? Did you get a panicky feeling as your throat seized up a little? Did you think the title to this post meat I was done with writing for the interwebs? Climb down off the ceiling and relax. All I meant was I have finished…

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  • Prints in Need of Redemption

    Very often prints of mine turn out pretty good. Sometimes, they are good prints that got marred somehow and sometimes they turn out to be… lacking. Whatever the case, I rarely throw them away. I keep them for experiments.  There are a lot of my old prints that have been…

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  • Taking Pictures, Making Pictures

    Remember waaaayyyy, waaaayyyyy back when people used film? Back when you used to drop off your film and quiver with anticipation at what you would get back in a day or two? Or one hour if you were a big spender? Or how about this; you discover the holy grail…

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  • How to Reheat Leftovers

    Cherry pick the printmaking detritus for the good stuff.  This isn’t one of those posts abut sprucing up leftovers to please the whole finicky family, nor is it one of those screeds about being frugal, using everything you have to the fullest, composting, or even recycling. It’s about collage. “Collage,…

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  • Sometimes – okay, all the time – I save cast off bits and pieces of things for future use: linocuts, fragments of interesting drawings, etc. Occasionally I gather them all together and make a collage. Sometimes they really work well together. And sometimes I have to live with them for…

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  • As I mentioned earlier, I have begun a new drawing book. I made rules for my last book – I only drew things that I could observe from life. So far, it looks like I am rebelling against that rule in this book. I have drawn a lot of monsters so…

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