• Coloring Pages

    There are those who excel at making color prints. They will cut multiple color blocks, plan, scheme, arrange, experiment and print, print, print until they have a virtual painting of a print. Others will do all the planning and scheming but choose to do a reduction linocut or woodcut. This…

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  • The Bird comes off the Block

    After having worked on this print of one of my cream legbars for over a month (I began it on October 23rd) it was time to print it this morning. I showed up early, set up the press, cut my paper, scrubbed my block and rolled out the ink. All…

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  • Big Linocut Progress

    It’s been two weeks since I showed you my Big Linocut as I have it drawn on the block, so I thought I would give an update as to its progress so far. I made a couple of stop motion videos of my cutting process. It’s a slow and tedious…

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  • A Big ol’ Linocut

    I started work on a new linocut. It’s another chicken and this time it’s a cream legbar hen. They’re funny looking birds with bouffant hairdos. At 12″ square this will be my largest linocut to date*. Day 1: At this point I have about an hour and a half in…

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  • Cutting Linoleum – The Aftermath

    Isn’t that a better title than “Cutting Linoleum part 2”? It sounds so ominous. It sounds like all of my predictions of perfection were ill founded and destined for failure. Well, happily that is not the case. I pulled five proofs (a “proof” is sort of like a test run…

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  • Cutting Linoleum

    If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me to explain the process of making a linocut… I’d have a nickel. So I’ll just assume you are shy and didn’t want to seem unlearned in the ways of printmaking by asking too many questions about the relief process.…

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  • Chickens

    I am a keeper of chickens. I like them very much and sometimes I even draw them. But I usually add things that are not strictly in keeping with actual chicken anatomy. I sort of picture these two as a squabbling couple. The rooster is being hen-pecked.

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