• Cutting Linoleum

    If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me to explain the process of making a linocut… I’d have a nickel. So I’ll just assume you are shy and didn’t want to seem unlearned in the ways of printmaking by asking too many questions about the relief process.…

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  • Tattoos

    So you want to be an artist. If that is so, you’ll have to come to terms with the fact that sooner or later, you will be asked to design a tattoo. Family and friends will never be so appreciative of your work as they are when they want a nice…

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  • How to Reheat Leftovers

    Cherry pick the printmaking detritus for the good stuff.  This isn’t one of those posts abut sprucing up leftovers to please the whole finicky family, nor is it one of those screeds about being frugal, using everything you have to the fullest, composting, or even recycling. It’s about collage. “Collage,…

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  • Holy Ancient Heresies, Batman part 2

    Last time we dealt with the possibly heretical implications of Batman. Today, I hope to muddy the waters just a little further before I try to clear them up. Potentially clear them up, that is. I won’t rehash since you can just read the preceding post here. Batman really, really…

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  • Holy Ancient Heresies, Batman!

    The Batman is joyous because he absolutely nailed that drawing! I am a Batman fan. And just so you know, I was a Batman fan before it was cool. In fact, I have five children and their names are Barbara, Bruce, Wayne, Alfred, Jim and the baby we are expecting…

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  • Picasso in Hell part 2

    Last time I told you about why I painted Picasso in Hell. Today I will tell you about what’s in it and why I put it there. But before I begin, let me reacquaint you with this excursion into the Inferno: So, what the inferno is going on, Clark? Why…

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  • “Christian” art

    What I am writing below is a reaction I had to a blog post by Peter Chin about why he really dislikes Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) but listens to it anyway. (You should probably read that first if you would like anything I have to say make sense.) This article made…

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  • Jormungandr

    In Norse myth, Jormungandr is also known as the Midgaard Serpent or The World Serpent. The Greeks called it Orobouros. It is a monstrous serpent that circles the world; it is so large that it is able to stretch around the earth and still fit its tail in its mouth.…

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  • Making a Drawing – The Painting!

    This is a cleverly titled part two of a previous post. There I discussed the ins and outs of making a drawing and inking it with pens. I also wondered why this generic looking man had the expression that he does. Who knows? But I figured he could use some…

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  • Making a Drawing

    This is how I generally go about making a drawing. I did this as a demo piece for my students so they could see the steps from initial drawing to inking. The face is of no one in particular, it’s just a generic man. He looks nonplussed about something or…

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