• Britain’s Protomartyr

    What the heck is a protomartyr anyway, Clark? It sounds vaguely of cavemen and authralopithecines. (Which, now that I see these words written on the screen in front of me, strikes me as a very interesting idea for a series of drawings.) Well anyway, I agree with you, but I…

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  • A Drawing for Black Friday

    This is Friday and not Thursady, I know I have promised a new post every Monday and Thursday. Please write me for a full refund of you subscription fees and I’ll make sure to get those right to you. In the meantime, please enjoy this picture of TUBEMAN! The Coelasapien.…

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  • Misheard Lyrics

    I need some sleep.  My 3rd grade son really enjoys looking through my drawing books. He has his favorites and likes to tell me about them. He told me that his absolute favorite was the drawing above, My Drawing Books Preserve Me because, well, I guess he found the title funny.…

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  • Conversations

    “So I says to ‘im, I says…” These are a couple of one-sided conversations. It seems the male humilobite on top is trying to have a conversation with an unwilling diplocaulus. He’s having none of it. And the acanthostega is similarly rebuffed by the demure female humilobite on the bottom.…

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  • On the Printing of Fish

    I am a beautiful print and a delicious dish! I have continued with my gyotaku experiments. This tilapia is probably my most successful attempt at making one of these prints to date. It’s pretty big at about 14 or 15 inches and the scales are really prominent. That has been…

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  • Ha ha HA!

    All this time you thought I was only working on my giant chicken linocut! But no! I was working on a clandestine print. It was all on the down low and very secretive. I needed some sort of a respite from all those ferns, so I switched it up to…

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  • Big Linocut Progress

    It’s been two weeks since I showed you my Big Linocut as I have it drawn on the block, so I thought I would give an update as to its progress so far. I made a couple of stop motion videos of my cutting process. It’s a slow and tedious…

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  • White on Black

    This project that we gave our high schoolers gave them all sorts of troubles! Most folks are used to thinking in terms of black on white – you draw a black line on a white paper and then add value if you want to give volume to the form. But…

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  • Prints in Need of Redemption

    Very often prints of mine turn out pretty good. Sometimes, they are good prints that got marred somehow and sometimes they turn out to be… lacking. Whatever the case, I rarely throw them away. I keep them for experiments.  There are a lot of my old prints that have been…

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  • Taking Pictures, Making Pictures

    Remember waaaayyyy, waaaayyyyy back when people used film? Back when you used to drop off your film and quiver with anticipation at what you would get back in a day or two? Or one hour if you were a big spender? Or how about this; you discover the holy grail…

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