• Monsters!

    I thought this might be an appropriate time to look at some monsters because perhaps with Christmas so close your children are acting like little monsters, shoppers are acting like monsters, you are acting like a monster, etc. Whatever the reason, I’ve never thought there was a bad time to…

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  • The Internal Lives of Extinct Animals

    What exactly was it like to be an ophiacodon? A dimetrodon or diplocaulus? Perhaps a lone euplocephalus? You can stop wondering because I can tell you. It was a world of paranoia and existential angst. As my scientific illustrations clearly show, these beasts had a life of strange dreams, misunderstandings…

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  • Bleeding heart tetra

    Here’s an old one. Sorta. I made this woodcut about 150 years ago back when I was keeping a 55 gallon tank full of fish. One of the fish took a kamikaze out of the tank and wound up on my drawing board. Ever since I cut this block (one…

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  • The Old Man

    For years I have struggled with the Old Man. St. Paul uses the imagery of the Old Man to talk about what a man (or woman) is before life in Christ. He says the old man has been crucified with Christ and that we no longer live to him (the…

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  • Coloring Pages

    There are those who excel at making color prints. They will cut multiple color blocks, plan, scheme, arrange, experiment and print, print, print until they have a virtual painting of a print. Others will do all the planning and scheming but choose to do a reduction linocut or woodcut. This…

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  • The Bird comes off the Block

    After having worked on this print of one of my cream legbars for over a month (I began it on October 23rd) it was time to print it this morning. I showed up early, set up the press, cut my paper, scrubbed my block and rolled out the ink. All…

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  • Britain’s Protomartyr

    What the heck is a protomartyr anyway, Clark? It sounds vaguely of cavemen and authralopithecines. (Which, now that I see these words written on the screen in front of me, strikes me as a very interesting idea for a series of drawings.) Well anyway, I agree with you, but I…

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  • A Drawing for Black Friday

    This is Friday and not Thursady, I know I have promised a new post every Monday and Thursday. Please write me for a full refund of you subscription fees and I’ll make sure to get those right to you. In the meantime, please enjoy this picture of TUBEMAN! The Coelasapien.…

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  • Misheard Lyrics

    I need some sleep.  My 3rd grade son really enjoys looking through my drawing books. He has his favorites and likes to tell me about them. He told me that his absolute favorite was the drawing above, My Drawing Books Preserve Me because, well, I guess he found the title funny.…

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  • Conversations

    “So I says to ‘im, I says…” These are a couple of one-sided conversations. It seems the male humilobite on top is trying to have a conversation with an unwilling diplocaulus. He’s having none of it. And the acanthostega is similarly rebuffed by the demure female humilobite on the bottom.…

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