• The End

    Did your heart skip a beat? Did you get a panicky feeling as your throat seized up a little? Did you think the title to this post meat I was done with writing for the interwebs? Climb down off the ceiling and relax. All I meant was I have finished…

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  • Protomartyrs

    Some time back, I wrote about a “protomartyr” and what that means. I also said that that word made me think of cavemen. So, I decided to go for the caveman angle and make a drawing of St. Thülaak, Protomartyr of the Pleistocene. Obviously, the name is made up, but…

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  • Perhaps this is late…?

    This is an image I did in collaboration with my colleague where I teach. She did the calligraphy and background and I did the image of the Virgin and Child. I really, really like this painting. However, collaborations are hard for me because it is difficult for me to cede…

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  • Bones

    I had a real thing for bones in college. I mean a real thing. My patient wife would put up with me scouting the woods for old skeletons, making trips to taxidermy shops for leftovers, ditto for petshops (before you get all mad at me, they were already dead), even the…

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  • Collagraph

    I have a brief history with collagraphs that is fraught with tension. On the one hand, the collagraph is an awesome side branch of printmaking. And I loves me some printmaking. On the other hand, it is a natural medium for generating beautiful, unexpected textures in your artwork. But on…

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  • Hipster Dimetrodon

    I promised to explore further the interior lives of ancient animals and that is what I have done here. This is a resident of the early Permian period. The dimetrodon has lost his way and no longer knows how to fulfill his role as a male or even as a member…

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  • Still a long, long time ago…

    Think of this a a continuation of my last post. Instead of reptiles or amphibians, however, I have what is thoroughly a mammal. He is some kind of hominid. With a monocle. And also a crooked grin. Can’t you imagine what he’s thinking? I know I can’t. Oh yes, and…

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  • A long, long, long time ago…

    I would like to say I can talk to you on an intimate level about mammal-like synapsid reptiles or the evolution of tetrapods. But I can’t; I have a passing familiarity with them, but really only passing. For example, while writing this post, I was about to refer to edaphosaurus…

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  • Gone Fishin’

    Literally. I went fishing today. And also this past Saturday. I’ve never been particularly picky about what I catch when I go. Catfish are awesome. Bass? You know it. Shiners? Why not? But I really, really love catching bluegill. Or brim, bream, sunfish, sunnies, ‘gills, panfish. They are great little…

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    I made this drawing a couple of years ago for the cover to the program for my school’s Lessons and Carols. I have always had a soft spot for Virgin and Child images, particularly since my wife and I started having children (seriously, you need to look at any of…

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