• Romans part V

    This is the end. Not of the book of Romans, but of my drawing. I ended it in chapter 11 whereas the actual book has 16 chapters. What’s the matter Clark, did you get lazy? Did you run out of paper for your scrawling? I didn’t get lazy, but I…

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  • Family resemblances part II

    Here’s the part where I tell you of my woes. Many thousands of you will have missed my post on Monday. Because there wasn’t one. I will just chalk it up to the fact that I have a newborn along with five other kids and a lovely wife who need…

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  • Family Resemblances part I

    After finishing my last drawing book, Interplanetary Ambassador,  I knew I had made a mistake in the way I was thinking about the art of a drawing book. If you’ll remember, I said I finished that book in about 8 months. Well, this new book will take 4 years to finish.…

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  • Romans part IV

    So here we are, roughly 2/3 of the way through this drawing. We’re following Abraham’s line on through Rebecca to the twins, Esau and Jacob. At the time, my wife was pregnant with our first child and I had babies on the brain (this seems to be a theme with…

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  • Interplanetary Ambassador

    Oh man. Boy howdy. Remember how I said I almost sold my drawing book, Concerning Religious Affections, for a lousy 500 bucks?! Remember that I said I was sick to death of looking at a complicated, all-consuming drawing book? Well, I set out to rectify that with this new book. While…

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  • Romans Drawing part III

    You’ve read about it, you’ve been scintillated by it, now it’s time to continue on your journey into my MFA thesis drawing. So far, we’ve made it into several chapters of Romans and we have left off with Abraham being shown a vision of pregnant Sarah and a sky full…

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  • Another Fish! But Not For The Reason You Think!

    SPECIAL EDITION! Several weeks ago, my wife and I had a small contest among some of our local friends and family (non-local friends and family, don’t be upset!). In a move that is completely unlike us, we sent out the initials for our soon-to-be-born daughter. We had dozens of guesses…

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  • Concerning Religious Affections

    Continuing my megalomaniacal obsession with my old drawing books, I will now talk about Concerning Religious Affections. I was fresh off my book Natural History and I had something to prove… to myself anyway. Because, as I have said, college is a time of intense self-interest and I’m not sure anyone else…

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  • Romans Drawing

    This is the second part of where I talk about my thesis drawing from college. If you will recall, it was an allegory of the the New Testament book of Romans. I’ll be brief here because many books have been written about Romans and I don’t want to add another…

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  • Nostaglia

    I am feeling what an old student of mine called “nostaglia”. This is because, of course, I JUST FINISHED MY DRAWING BOOK, Dreams and Visions! I have been working on this slowly since October of 2013. The key word here is slowly. All of my drawing books take some time…

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