• New Drawing Book Piece

    Here’s a new piece that I assembled from scraps I had laying around. The Rembrandt self-portrait copy is from a few years back when I was demonstrating linocuts. The same goes for the trilobites. The watercolored background is a little more interesting. I normally keep a scrap of paper laying…

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  • Why Do We Draw?

    Why do we draw? Let me start off by saying that, for me, drawing stands as synecdoche for all of art. At least the visual arts. I think it is foundational in that it teaches us to see; it teaches us to use our eyes properly. Without drawing there would…

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  • Janus Angel

    In the midst of working on my brand new linocut, I have been working on another linocut. It’s kind of like this: See how cool your host is? I went so far as to go to a free meme generator for this! I am really having a linocut renaissance here.…

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  • A New Linocut

    I’m taking a short break from the drawing book excitement, not because I have no more books, but because… Well, because. I thought I would take this break in the action to inform you about a NEW LINOCUT that I’m working on. I’m still in the drawing stages, but it promises…

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  • A Couple of Weirdos

    I present here, for your viewing pleasure a pair of diplocaulus. In case you are not in the know (and exactly what sheltered-from-long-extinct-amphibians rock have you been living under anyway?) they are some long extinct amphibians. They were really big in North America about 300 to 250 million years ago.…

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  • Drawings Done in Worship or Heads and Arthropods

    For all of you who are, no doubt, just coming to this blog and finding the artwork here compelling, I have been writing about the history of my drawing books. You might say that is fascinating and you would be right! The drawing books are where it all happens. They…

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  • The End of Lent

    This being the beginning of Holy Week and since Lent is almost over, I thought I’d put up a drawing I have just finished. This is the temptation at the end of Jesus’ 40 days of fasting. It’s from my brand new drawing book that I just started working on…

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  • Sins Committed Sins Remitted

    My post on Monday was kind of a cheat. I know that. But then again, this new baby is sucking an awful lot of energy out of our family. It’s funny how 7 to 10 pounds of fury and need can run a whole family! Eva is our sixth child…

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  • Babies

    Babies are hard. Even harder than I remembered. More later.

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  • How Owls Got to be That Way

    I did a couple of drawings on commission the other day. My friend has written a few stories for the Rafiki Foundation. His stories are meant to be used in a Logic curriculum. But I think my drawings don’t have to be. His stories tell of how hyenas became nuts,…

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