The Job Painting

I am a printmaker and draughtsman and an occasional watercolorist. What I am not is a painter of canvases. This one was very difficult for me. I started with a drawing that I kind of liked and then moved on to paint. What a mistake that was. So I wiped away all the paint. Then I decided to glue paper to the canvas and do some kind of watercolor. Well, apparently I suck at gluing. the paper was all waffled and bubbly. So I tore it off. Almost all the way. Some of it was really stuck on.

But that was okay because I really liked the distressed, collaged look. So I worked on the background and on refining the figure drawing (which was more than a little clunky here and there). Eventually I realized that I wouldn’t paint it at all; chalk was the way to go. After some chalk, a little gold leaf and some gouache, this “painting” was done!

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