The Largemouth Bass

I’ve gone and done it. For a long time I resisted making a print of a largemouth bass. Not because I don’t like the fish; I like it just fine. It’s just that I have a contrarian streak in me about 10 miles wide. If everyone loves bass fishing, then I’m going to love bluegill fishing. If everyone likes pictures of dogs and cats, then I’m going to really be into chickens and fish. Sometimes my contratiness gets so out of hand I’m sorely tempted to say I like the movie better than the book. In all cases. Here I stand, I can do no other, so help me God. Amen.

Can you spot the difference between the real fish and the drawing?

BUT my oldest son insisted that I make the bass picture. I did, I loved it and made it at breakneck speed. Breakneck for me, anyway. Three days from start to printing. He was right, what can I say?

So enjoy the fish, head over the shop and pick one up for yourself – they’re only 20 bucks. That’s a lot cheaper than what you’ll spend on fishing gear to catch a real one!


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