Things of Late

This has been a very rough couple of months. We have had a new baby (number 7, a girl!), a couple of health scares for my wife related to the pregnancy and increased work responsibilities. And also my Dad died.

My Dad’s death has been the worst and strangest thing to ever happen in my life. I could probably go a long way in explaining that, but this isn’t that kind of blog. I talk about my artwork here. So my artwork has undergone a transformation. It has gained a vitality that it hasn’t had in years. I feel like I need to make the drawings that I’ve been working on.

I started making drawings about a week after my Dad died and I haven’t been able to stop yet. As fast as I make them, new images spring into my mind. I’m not nearly ready to share all of them or to talk about them in great detail yet. Perhaps that is because I have not yet had time to come to terms with what they mean exactly or maybe it’s because the new drawings are reinterpreting the old drawings for me. Or maybe it’s because none of the drawings has been brought to a state that I can think of as finished. I’m not sure.

I will share some details of three of them. All of these speak to resurrection.











Most of the images I have made to date are 15″ X 22″ and done on white Rives BFK. The rest have been made in my drawingbook and don’t really “fit” with the series. Not exactly.

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