Colorized Classics

Way, way back in the day there was raging debate about Ted Turner and what he was doing to old movies. He was taking dumb, boring old black and white movies and modernizing and improving them with color. Of course there were those Luddites that were totally opposed to color and wanted to live back in the days before color was invented. Jerks!

Or seen the other way; here was a guy that took films that were conceived in black and white, executed in black and white, and directed so as to take full advantage of black and white for the complete visual experience and ruined them by slapping a bunch of garish, pastel girly colors.

That’s what I’ve done here. Both of those things. I think of these images in black and white but feel compelled to watercolor them afterwards. Who’s to say which is better?


Conceived in Black and White


Ted Turner-ized


Original Recipe


Extra Crispy

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