Family Resemblances part I

After finishing my last drawing book, Interplanetary Ambassador,  I knew I had made a mistake in the way I was thinking about the art of a drawing book. If you’ll remember, I said I finished that book in about 8 months. Well, this new book will take 4 years to finish. It’s called Family Resemblances because everything in it sort of looks like it belongs; nothing is quite the same as everything else, but it isn’t separate either. You know? Anyway, I got the name from Ludwig Wittgenstein which you can read about here if you want to. It’s not that I was reading Wittgenstein so much as I think I was listening to a lecture about him. Or something like that. The name stuck in my brain and it seemed to work well for this book.

We got some natural history action here. Birds will fly into windows and I will try not to let them go to waste.

I say this book took four years to make. That’s because I had gotten my MFA, moved away for “work” and had a baby (my wife actually had the baby; but I was there!). All of a sudden I found that life was not so amenable to me spending untold hours toiling away in my drawing books. It’s a big book, no doubt, but not that big, for Pete’s sake. I was just unsettled and not able to work on my artwork. It happens.

Oh, yeah! Collage! The bull skull on the right was one of the greatest Christmas gifts I have ever gotten.

I went back, more or less, to the every-page-is-a-work-of-art model that I had gotten into before. That’s okay I guess because I really love this book! There are plenty of pages that I still like very much. In fact, there are so many that I will split this post into two. But isn’t that self indulgent? I suppose so, and thank you for asking. Certainly you are concerned – especially in this season of Lent – that I am too focused on myself. Well, the thing is, this is my blog where I write about my own work. So I guess it’s okay.

Minotaurs and Monsters – a Clark classic.
This one had a lot of impact on later artwork for me. It’s genesis (pun!) goes all the way back to Natural History and will continue into a few linocuts that I made as illustrations for the book The Beginning: A Second Look at the First Sin published by Square Halo Books.
Here’s another one that grew legs and made its way into a larger painting which you can read about here.

Next time I’ll write more about what some of these images are about.

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