Sunday School Drawings

I have been asked by my bishop to make some drawings for a Sunday school curriculum that he wants to make available to the diocese. This has been an interesting job because I have both the original scripture references to work from and the author’s take on them as well. So I don’t necessarily have to do a straight illustration of the text. So far, I am about 1/3 of the way through making drawings for all of the lessons.

My initial preliminaries involved lots of digital coloring. Bishop loved it, but we both agreed the time commitment was way over the top. FEAR NOT! This is the moment when Gabriel appears to Zechariah to tell him the he will have a son, John.

These watercolors are the direction we decided to go. They look good (I think, anyway) and they are quick to do. The first one is the parable of the Good Samaritan and the one below that is the parable of the lost sheep.

It turns out that the job requires a designer as well. My wife was a perfect fit! I make the drawings and she makes them look good with text all around them. I normally hate having text foul up my pictures. But I guess there’s no way around that when you are illustrating books. BUT, she does a great job and I love the way the finished work looks.
By the way, it’s a joy to work with your wife. I really recommend doing it if at all possible!

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