As I mentioned earlier, I have begun a new drawing book. I made rules for my last book – I only drew things that I could observe from life. So far, it looks like I am rebelling against that rule in this book. I have drawn a lot of monsters so far. The woman on the left is real – I saw her at a conference and drew her while she was listening to an unbelievably boring session on something or another. A true confession, I have always loved minotaurs. I do not have any idea why. But here she is, a middle aged minotauress as she sits in quiet contemplation.

On the other side is a man contemplating Rembrandt. So I suppose these two are joined in the act of thinking. This head is made from the leftovers from a collage I did years ago. (I almost never throw things away.) Rembrandt comes from a demo piece for relief printmaking I did for school. There’s no real reason to make a print of Rembrandt besides the fact that I love him even more than I do minotaurs.

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